Vertical Donut Stand Peg Board

  • $145.00

This is a custom vertical donut stand that can hold up to 60 donuts on 30 individual donut pegs.  We created this style stand for a customer to be used as a birthday photo shoot background.  You can see in the photo how great it turned out, and it looks like the kids loved it too.  

The board is made of MDF and the base is pine. Size is approximately 33"w x 27"h x 5" deep and can be painted about any color you can dream of.  It's fairly heavy at about 27 pounds when packed, so shipping is approximately $60.


We use food safe, water based polyurethane finishes on all stained items. The paints applied to these donut stands are technically not "food safe" or "FDA Approved". While it is unlikely that the minimal contact the donuts have with the rods or base would cause any harmful effects after consumption, by purchasing you understand that we made you aware of the products used in the building process. If you require a "food safe" finish to a painted stand, please make a note at checkout so I can apply a coat of polyurethane over the paint to seal it.